Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Has Been A Total Blast!

After 10 fun-filled years of operation at 111 W. Liberty, We at Acme Mercantile have decided not to renew our lease. Instead, we will be expanding into new territory with our online store, which is undergoing a complete overhaul and will launch in the next week or so.  It has always been my passion to create more unique Acme branded products and have a wider range of home design price points, while still keeping with our original concept of small department store.  This transition will allow the brand to grow and the variety we offer to expand. 
Acme Mercantile will continue to vend at events and do occasional pop-up stores in the area and offer next day pick-up at Salon Vertigo of online purchases

When we close this location, we will sell many Acme favorites such as clothing, readers and sunglasses, greeting cards, jewelry and accessories at our sister store Salon Vertigo at 212 S. Fourth Ave.

In the meantime, all merchandise at Acme Mercantile is 20% off during this transition.