Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Acme gets arty...

I was looking for something spectacular to replace our holiday window, something to make people stop and look, something to make them smile during the slow, grey dark days of January. Well! I believe we found just the right thing...

It is an installation done by Matt O'Brien using florescent bulbs arranged to look like a cozy chair. This was no simple task, as it had to be assembled on site and became even more of a pain for the artist after I broke one of the bulbs 20 minutes after he left.

I like to call it the "Electric Chair" and placed our line of mugshot photo cards and journals from "The Found" to make a nice little arty window. Come by and see it soon!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Didn't get what you wanted for Xmas?

Nows your chance! All seasonal clothing is clearance priced at 3o% off - including gorgeous Flax wool coats.
Also, find savings on these in stock Acme favorites during January:
50% off wall calendars and doormats
30% off socks and tights
20% off all jewelry, space pens, alarm clocks, Kusmi tea and brooms, mops & dusters

Useful? Yes!
Fun? Always!